What is Heads-Up Dreaming?

Have you ever had a dream about someone you have not seen or heard from in months or years – and then later the same day you actually run into this person, or they telephone or write? You have had a Heads-Up dream. The dream has somehow defied time by alerting you to the fact that you will be connecting with this person before it happens. Many people have had these kinds of dreams, but they only happen once in awhile and can be dismissed as coincidence or confusion about what was remembered. The event can be quite trivial or very important. The book – “Heads-Up Dreaming” describes my experience with these kinds of dreams over a 40 year period. I describe my own Heads-Up dreams as well as those of my family, friends and colleagues. I consider these kinds of dreams to be natural and believe that we all possess this very useful ability. Everyone can have these kinds of dreams and I describe how to increase the chances of getting them and how to recognize them from other kinds of dreams. Heads-Up dreams can be useful in making important practical life decisions such as buying a car or house, choosing a career and finding a life